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0000977OTB-libGeneralpublic2015-04-17 11:16
Assigned Tojulien 
Summary0000977: SVMMarginSampler class is broken after migration to ITKv4
DescriptionI think that we miss some modification in the SVMMarginSampler class.

The application is used in the Object Labeling module in Monteverdi1 and the application crash each time you try to use the filter.

I think that it related to the migration to itkv4 and the fact that the filter inherates now from itk::Statistics::SampleClassifierFilter.

This ITK class required 3 inputs and I think that the internal structure relies now on MembershipSample class.

We just change the inheritance in OTBv4 but there is probably other changes to apply to the class or to the way that we're using it in third part app like Monteverdi1.

Additional InformationNote that there is no test for this class in OTB (just one unitary test)
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julien (administrator)

Is this still an issue ? Which tests are showing this problem ?

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