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0000089OTB-libGeneralpublic2011-08-17 15:48
Assigned ToC Valladeau 
Summary0000089: Ascii comparison for test is unreliable
DescriptionThe ascii comparison does not compare the end of the ascii file if the baseline is shorter than the test output. See for example the test: coTuPolygon (which should be named coTvPolygon)
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related to 0000099closedC Valladeau OTB-lib Vector data comparison for test 
related to 0000276closedC Valladeau Orfeo Toolbox (OTB) Trouble with the compare ascii when separations are tabulation 
child of 0000228closedmickael OTB-lib Problems related to the --compare-ascii tool in OTB tests protocol 



christop (administrator)

Still unreliable:

lines are incorrectly identified as different when they are not.


mickael (administrator)

The test coTvPolygon seems to be ok now with all platform: http://dash.orfeo-toolbox.org/testSummary.php?project=3&name=coTvPolygon&date=2011-03-22

However feTvImageToFastSIFTKeyPointSetFilterSceneOutputDescriptorAscii (http://dash.orfeo-toolbox.org/testSummary.php?project=3&name=feTvImageToFastSIFTKeyPointSetFilterSceneOutputDescriptorAscii&date=2011-03-22) seems failed on windows platform with release static config.

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