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0000070OTB-applicationsGeneralpublic2011-12-16 13:26
Assigned Tojulien 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Summary0000070: Using OTB_USE_GL_ACCEL streches images in scroll widget
DescriptionSee attached snapshots for illustration.
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julien (administrator)

The square where the texture is drawn has a size depending on the input image geometry.


christop (administrator)

No difference any more between scroll, zoom and full resolution windows. => seg fault when resizing zoom in viewer manager.


julien (administrator)

The hDisplayed() and wDisplayed() methods were redefined too low in the class hierarchy. Therefore when using the otb::FixedSizeFullImageWidget alone, the default implementation was called, leading to the stretching phenomena.

This has been fixed in revision :


christop (administrator)

Still have some problem with the zoom window. It might not be related to this fix and had been there before, but as the solution rely in the hDisplayed() and wDisplayed() methods I suspect, I don't open a new bug.

Open the viewer manager
Open qb_RoadExtract.tif
Resize the zoom window to be bigger that the full resolution either in x or y (or both).
Click on the scroll


itk::ExceptionObject (0x3cf4da0)
Location: "typename otb::ImageViewerBase<TPixel, TLabel>::RegionType otb::ImageViewerBase<TPixel, TLabel>::ComputeConstrainedRegion(typename otb::ImageViewerScrollWidget<TPixel, TLabel>::ImageType::RegionType, typename otb::ImageViewerScrollWidget<TPixel, TLabel>::ImageType::RegionType) [with TPixel = double, TLabel = double]"
File: /home/christop/OTB/trunk/OTB/Code/Visu/otbImageViewerBase.txx
Line: 800
Description: itk::ERROR: ImageViewer(0x15532a0): Small region not inside big region !

This should not fail, and the zoom should display at least the part of the full resolution that is buffered (we won't try to handle a specific extra buffer for this).


julien (administrator)

The problem seems to be related to the ComputeConstrainedRegion() method of otb::ImageViewerBase, not to the hDisplayed() or wDisplayed() methods. Did some experiment leading to a better solution, but it is still not perfect. I commited my changes in a branch so as to focus on the 2.8 release for now.


christop (administrator)

Is the branch merged now that 2.8 is out?


julien (administrator)

This bug seems really outdated and related to the deprecated visualization classes. Shall I close it ?


christop (administrator)

is it still reproducible?


julien (administrator)

Applications and old visualisation are both deprecated. I suggest we close this bug.

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