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0000380OTB-lib[Monteverdi] Generalpublic2011-09-29 09:39
Assigned Tochristop 
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Summary0000380: wavelet reconstruction filter problem
DescriptionWhen using wavelet transform, there is a problem when applying successively decomposition and reconstruction filter :


It seems to be due to reconstruction filter.

Generated filters are correct, however convolution with filtered output introduce translation. image used for reconstruction seems to be wrong. This problem is highlighted using wavelet_test_input.tif
Steps To ReproduceUse the same scheme as :


with wavelet_test_input.tif
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julien (administrator)

I think this issue does not belong to the Monteverdi project. Can you move it to the OTB project ?


christop (administrator)

Fixed by:

One of the oldest bug, yoohoo!


C Valladeau (developer)

Tests OK.

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