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0001488Orfeo Toolbox (OTB)Generalpublic2018-01-12 10:29
Assigned Togpasero 
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PlatformWindowsOSOS Version
Summary0001488: OTB apps sometime do not appear in the widget
DescriptionSometimes with the OTB windows binary package, the OTB apps do not show up (as if OTB_APPLICATION_PATH was empty). But this happens when launching with the monteverdi.bat wrapper. It happens randomly and might depend on where on the filesystem the OTB package is extracted. For example, on my machine:

- Extraction in C:\Users\poughov\Downloads\OTB-6.2.0-Win64
-> works

- Extraction in C:\Users\poughov\Downloads\Formation OTB La Réunion\OTB-6.2.0-Win64\OTB-6.2.0-Win64
-> does not work
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gpasero (administrator)

Problem reproduced with an accent in the path to the applications :
* On windows, the encoding was Latin-1 : é -> E9
* In ITK, in the DynamicLoader, there is a conversion of the input path to wide character, but the input encoding is assumed to be UTF-8.

It is probably a problem similar to the image with chinese.


gpasero (administrator)

Maybe the best solution would be to patch ITK. But for now, I did a minimal fix :

TODO : check if the bug is still present on next Windows binaries.

There is probably a larger discussion to have on how special characters are handled.


gpasero (administrator)

Problem solved in latest windows binaries.

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