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0001486Orfeo Toolbox (OTB)Generalpublic2018-01-11 17:43
Assigned Togpasero 
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Summary0001486: Monteverdi takes too long to load OTB applications
DescriptionMonteverdi takes too long to load the OTB applications widget. On my lenovo X270 (a modern laptop) it takes about 27 seconds. It should be a near instantaneous UI action (<0.5 sec) like other widgets.

I understand it is because it loads all OTB dlls. But this behavior is the object of this bug and needs to be fixed. Perhaps load only the application that the user needs (instead of all 90+)?
Steps To ReproduceIn Monteverdi: Display -> OTB Applications
(tested on win64 binary package)
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gpasero (administrator)

The main issue here is : we need to get the tags and long name for each application in order to build the tree in the UI.

I agree it take some time to load every application, but for the moment I don't see alternatives.


grizonnetm (administrator)

I've tested also to load otb applications on a lenovo X270 Windows 10 64b with the standalone binary package.

OTB 6.2: 27 sec
OTB 6.4 (package generated the 08/01/2017 7:56): 1 or 2 sec

So I think that the problem does not appear anymore with otb 6.4 but it would be cool to identify the root cause...


poughov (administrator)

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Originally reported for 6.2. I just tested also in 6.4. Almost instant on my win64 machine (< 1 sec).


grizonnetm (administrator)

Does somebody understand the root cause of these performance issues with otb 6.2 binary package on windows?


gpasero (administrator)

By looking at the diff, my first guess is : replacement of TimeProbe by StopWatch. Laurentiu reported performance regression (and instanciation cost). Each Application had a TimeProbe in its attributes, now replaced by a StopWatch.

My second guess would be : a better implementation of List parameters, but the impact should be small as not every application use this kind of parameter.


gpasero (administrator)

Closing this bug, already solved by previous improvements.

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