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0001464Orfeo Toolbox (OTB)Generalpublic2017-10-13 14:02
Assigned Togrizonnetm 
Summary0001464: otb_module_impl() called twice in ExternalModuleTemplate
DescriptionWhen building a remote module outside OTB build dir, Cmake generates a lot of warnings because the macro otb_module_impl() is called twice :
* in OTBModuleExternal
* and at the end of https://github.com/orfeotoolbox/otbExternalModuleTemplate/blob/master/CMakeLists.txt

It would be clearer to remove the calls to otb_module_impl() in OTBModuleExternal, but the last lines 110 to 118 let me think that additional steps need to be performed after otb_module_impl(). Is it really the case?
Steps To ReproduceFor instance, take the Mosaic remote module. Clone it in a specific folder, build it outside OTB build dir. Run Cmake configure.
Additional InformationThe SoftwareGuide is not up-to-date with the template module on github : see Documentation/SoftwareGuide/Latex/WriteModules.tex
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grizonnetm (administrator)

I've pushed a fix to the module template:


There is no warning anymore building the template outside the otb source tree and the doc is now up to date.

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