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0001454Orfeo Toolbox (OTB)Generalpublic2018-01-10 11:34
Assigned Togpasero 
Summary0001454: Fail to install OTB 6.0 in a Centos 7 docker
DescriptionA colleague failed to install OTB 6.0 in a CentOS 7 Docker due to some issues with required terminal commands and issue with expat, freetype, ...
We need some documentation about required command and expose the known issue about expat and freetype
Steps To Reproducedocker run -t -i centos:centos7 /bin/bash
# cd /opt
# curl -L https://www.orfeo-toolbox.org/packages/OTB-6.0.0-Linux64.run > OTB-6.0.0-Linux64.run
# chmod +x OTB-6.0.0-Linux64.run
# ./OTB-6.0.0-Linux64.run
Additional Informationfor expat solve it with
ln -s /usr/lib64/libexpat.so.1.6.0 /opt/OTB-6.0.0-Linux64/lib/libexpat.so
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grizonnetm (administrator)

There are lots improvements in the packaging of OTB 6.2 which will be soon released.

It will be nice if your colleague can beta test the current package available here:



gpasero (administrator)

Unfortunately :
* switching to 6.2 is not possible because 0001451 is still open (centos7)
* there are some errors because tools such as 'which' and 'file' are not installed by default on a Centos7 docker
* libfreetype and libexpat are not included in the package 6.0 (because of potential conflicts with system GTK) so on a clean docker image, these 2 libraries are missing.
* OTB binaries drag 'libexpat.so', and this simlink is not supplied in the system package.


gpasero (administrator)

Updates :
* 0001451 is now fixed : future 6.2 Linux binaries will work on CentOS 7 docker (provided the base tools such as 'file' and 'which' are available).
* An alternative fix can be done (in a future 6.0.1 version) : compile QT4 without GTK, modify packaging script to include libexpat and libfreetype.


mickael (administrator)

my colleague will test with the 6.2 which fix the 0001451


gpasero (administrator)

No feedback, I consider the issue fixed following 0001451

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