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0001446Orfeo Toolbox (OTB)Generalpublic2017-09-12 11:27
Assigned Tombertolino 
Summary0001446: Write mode on the SampleExtraction application
DescriptionThe write mode on the SampleExtraction application induce some anomalies in the output file, which doesn't respect the order of the identifiers of the input OGR file.

When it write in the output file, it doesn't save the sample in the order of entry but in the order of exit from each thread.

Thus, in output from different platforms, the shapefiles samples for a same run will not have the same ID.
This error cannot be seen through testing by compare-ogr.
This test check differences on text files whose samples are sorted whithout identifiers conservation.

This phenomenom can be problematic in a case where the order of the samples have an importance for another application or filter, inducing bad results.

Modify the PersistentSamplingFilterBase filter to save the file in the order of the IDs and not in the order of the containers of each Thread.
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