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0001439Orfeo Toolbox (OTB)Generalpublic2017-09-19 11:04
Assigned Tombertolino 
PlatformWindowsOSWindowsOS VersionServer 2008R2
Summary0001439: GUI of ComputeOGRLayersFeaturesStatistics and OGRLayerClassifier crash on certain shape files
DescriptionIf a column of a shape file contains eg. "_" the GUI crashes.

When the tools are used from the command line, a decent error is shown:
ERROR: Troubles in parameter setting, please check your line argument...
itk::ERROR: Invalid key 'feat.gwscod_v'. Must be in lowercase, containing alphanumerical characters or "."

Best solution would be that "_" is supported in the column names, as they are supported in general in shape files and are also supported in most OTB tools.

The GUI also shouldn't crash... just show the error.
Steps To Reproduce1) Start the GUI
2) Start ComputeOGRLayersFeaturesStatistics or OGRLayerClassifier
3) Select a shape file with eg. "_" in one of the column names. An example shape file can be found in attachment.
4) Crash
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mbertolino (developer)

Fix for OGRLayerClassifier:

Fix for ComputeOGRLayersFeaturesStatistics:


mbertolino (developer)

the latest fixes fixed the crash in GUI mode.

But, the value visible to user, GUI mode, is the alphanumeric 'key' modified. As this is not coherent with the CLI mode, we will display the 'value' instead of the 'key'.

Example: Key = value0 , Value=value_0.

The correction will not modify the behavior and the existing usage with CommandLine, GUI mode and the inxml/outxml parameters.

Fix in progress ...


mbertolino (developer)

Fix https://git.orfeo-toolbox.org/otb.git/commitdiff/4a78aabc42fb72bd779fe40b1969d1cd7e765bc1

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