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0001422Orfeo Toolbox (OTB)Generalpublic2017-10-03 12:08
Assigned Tombertolino 
PlatformOSMacOSXOS Version10.11.6
Summary0001422: Optical Calibration application crash on MacOSX
DescriptionAn user (Peter) during the OTBUserDays have report a crash of the Optical calibration app on MacOSX.
The app fails when he used the TOC mode in the gui mode but not in command line and not with TOA mode.

When he run the app in Monteverdi, this crash generate a crash in Monteverdi.
Steps To ReproduceSelect an input image
define an output image
select the toc mode
Execute the app
The app crash
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duplicate of 0001405resolvedrashadkm Crash on optical calibration, TOC mode, GUI only (command line works), only on Mac 



mbertolino (developer)

The crash is due to a problem of the default stack size for QThread on OSX is unreasonably small.

the code fix:

There is also a patch Qt:

DONE : test the fix.
TODO : test the patch.


mbertolino (developer)

The test of this patch : PASSED.

Add patch:

Path modified:

Fixed only in GUI mode.

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