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0001398Orfeo Toolbox (OTB)Generalpublic2017-07-12 09:44
Assigned Tombertolino 
PlatformOSWindowsOS Version7
Summary0001398: OTB won't parse *.xml metadata file on newest Pleiades data
DescriptionI was unable to apply TOA reflectance calibration on 2017 Pleiades data.

So I checked the metadata with ReadImageInfo :

otbcli_ReadImageInfo -in "Input\IMG_PHR1B_MS_201703141059586_SEN_2270315101-002_R1C1.TIF" -keywordlist 1

OTB does not find "sensor :" information in metadata in my newest data; all the information about "support_data.*" keywords have disappeared too.
Steps To Reproduceotbcli_ReadImageInfo -in "Input\IMG_PHR1B_MS_201703141059586_SEN_2270315101-002_R1C1.TIF" -keywordlist 1

--> no information about "sensor :"
Additional Informationhttps://groups.google.com/d/msg/otb-users/sKqCjszf2GA/VSJpcqFIBAAJ

"For some reason OSSIM does not parse the DIMAP XML file correctly. "

XML files in the attached zip.
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julien (administrator)

After a closer look at the data, the problem comes from this check which is too restrictive :


we check that version == "2.0" and version is now 2.15 ... This is therefore easy to fix.

We also need to fix spot6 file, since it is likely that version changed too :



mbertolino (developer)

Fixed dimap version tests in ossim (Pleiades and Spot6).

fix here:

waiting for dashboard to close this issue.

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