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0001388Orfeo Toolbox (OTB)Generalpublic2017-04-28 12:58
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Summary0001388: OTB 5.10 : cast error
DescriptionI'm using bindings python and when I connect two applications together (extractROI and ClassificationMapRegularization), i've an issue.

the error is : itk::ERROR: InputImageParameter(0x2246a70): Cast from N3otb11VectorImageIfLj2EEE to N3otb11VectorImageIfLj2EEE not authorized.

if applications are used separately, it works.

I attached a script to reproduce the issue.

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Ludovic (developer)


Some change have been made in the log message and it now output :
Cast from N3otb11VectorImageIfLj2EEE to N3otb5ImageItLj2EEE not authorized.

But still, the log message with type (N3otb11VectorImageIfLj2EEE) is not explicit enough to provide users a way to understand the problem.

Here your problem is that ClassificationMapRegularization take Uint16 Image as input but ExtractROI output a Float Vector Image.
Unfortunately the image type conversion when you connect image is not handled by OTB for now.

I will investigate a way to have a more understandable error message but there is no solution for your problem immediately.

We should define and implement the behavior of image conversion when connecting applications.


Ludovic (developer)

I open a new feature request for the image conversion when the python binding is used to connect applications.

Then it will be possible to solve this issue.

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