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0001385Monteverdi2[Orfeo Toolbox (OTB)] Generalpublic2017-04-27 15:32
Assigned ToLudovic 
Summary0001385: Incorrect zoom level after manual zoom input
Description0- Open Monteverdi in Fullscreen (Maximized)
1- Open $/OTB-LargeInput/PLEIADES/TLSE_JP2_DIMAPv2_PRIMARY_PMS_lossless_12bits/IMGPHR_201222215194743808/IMG_PHR1A_PMS_201201151100183_SEN_IPU_20120222_0901-001_R1C1.JP2 (bottom)
2- Open $/OTB-LargeInput/QUICKBIRD/TOULOUSE/000000128955_01_P001_MUL/02APR01105228-M1BS-000000128955_01_P001.TIF (middle)
3- $/OTB-Data/Input/QB_Toulouse_Ortho_PAN.tif (top)
4- Set QUICKBIRD invisible
5- Select PLEAIDES
6- Change projection to Sensor-model of PLEIADES
6- Click zoom 1:1
7- Manually input zoom level '1:2' in the status-bar
=> Zoom changes and value '1.2' is displayed
8- Select another window on the user desktop (without any
=> Zoom level changes and value '1.38889:1' is displayed
(May be due to the fact that, when switching to another and overlapping window, the window manager sends a refresh signal to the image-view which renders another frame)
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Ludovic (developer)

Point n°8 is corrected, commit: https://git.orfeo-toolbox.org/otb.git/commit/3b3d7b42d3fa195786de6bf4b35c03d6acbaaae5

A JIRA story (OTB-1255) has been created to discuss about the behavior/design of monteverdi with different images and projections.


Ludovic (developer)

The zoom level line edit is now next to the Projection comboBox.

Bugfix for the point n°7 :

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