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0001340OTB-Packaging[Orfeo Toolbox (OTB)] Generalpublic2017-07-13 15:33
Assigned Torashadkm 
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Summary0001340: No README and otbenv.profile in OTB XDK
DescriptionOTB xdk 5.9 archive for Linux does not contain a specific documentation or README which explains how to use it.

The README content is the same as the OTB standalone package. Moreover the otbenv.profile is missing in the XDK archive.
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rashadkm (developer)

otbenv.profile is missing because xdk has no OTB!

but GDAL_DATA, and co + CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH could be there.

Yes. A README is missing or need a better one. I will try to push a fix


rashadkm (developer)

I added a readme (only for linux) and a .profile file

it is called xdkenv.profile.


Testing welcome!.


grizonnetm (administrator)


What I've done:

- Add a synopsis with a description of the archive:


- Also add a section on the OTB download on OTB website:


Let me know if something is missing.

Last question, why the archive is called XDK and not SDK?


rashadkm (developer)

Thanks for fix.

Also need to add readme for windows and osx also. (later)

regarding your question:

this is what wikipedia says about SDK

At that time, I was not so confident in calling this a more strong term SDK.(you can see why from wiki link).

So I decided to go with a mocking/nick name "XDK" which expands to eXternal dependencies kit.

Having said that, I don't have any objection to changing it to SDK.
we *must* test also them daily on Linux and OSX. currently xdk is tested on windows (two VMs and appveyor) only!


grizonnetm (administrator)

ok lets stay with XDK for now. I've updated the download page


rashadkm (developer)

see jira 0001268

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