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0001334OTB-Packaging[Orfeo Toolbox (OTB)] Generalpublic2017-04-27 15:32
Assigned Togpasero 
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Summary0001334: On Windows standalone package, selection and drag&drop is broken on Monteverdi layer stack
DescriptionOn Windows standalone package, selection and drag&drop is broken on Monteverdi layer stack.
Steps To ReproduceSelecting an item in layer stack with a single click does not work. One has to drag a little with mouse button pressed so as to get the item selected.
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duplicate of 0001309closedrashadkm Monteverdi2 Monteverdi 5.8: cannot drag and drop filename to OTB app 



gpasero (administrator)

I reproduced this bug on a SuperBuild, so it doesn't come from packaging side. I will investigate QT4 build options.


grizonnetm (administrator)

Note that Monteverdi 5.8 crashes with windows standalone package when clicking on the same widget (listView?) in the overview generation window which list images on which you can generate .ovr.

Don't know if it is related but it concerns the same Qt widget.


gpasero (administrator)

Yes, I also noticed. This is the same widget (QTreeView).

I could observe what is happening, but no fix for the moment :
* when clicking on the item in the ImportImageDialog (for ovr generation), the QItemSelectionModel::currentChanged() signal is emitted with the correct index selected
* just after, the currentChanged() signal is emitted again with an invalid index.


gpasero (administrator)

Fix pushed here in release 5.10 : https://git.orfeo-toolbox.org/otb.git/commit/ef0be61fb38532906c3eafde553f6efde689c39c

There was a bad QPoint initialization in QTreeView::setSelection(). MSVC15 in release mode wasn't handling well the multiple layers of "(a?b:c)" evaluations.
qMax() and qMin() are inline functions that also use (a?b:c) pattern.


poughov (administrator)

push fix to QT so that it's also fixed when not using SuperBuild.

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