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0001070Monteverdi2[Orfeo Toolbox (OTB)] Generalpublic2015-11-10 10:09
Assigned Tosalbert 
Summary0001070: otb::DEMHandler not updated properly when resetting DEM-directory and/or Geoid-file.
DescriptionWhen the user first enables then sets DEM-directory and/or Geoid-file, the otb::DEMHandler is initialized using ::OpenDEMDirectory() and/or ::OpenGeoidFile() which sets up the ossimElevationManager and/or ossimGeoidManager.

When the user then disables or clears the DEM-directory and/or Geoid-file, the DEMHandler is not updated in I18nCoreApplication::ElevationSetup() because there is no interface on otb::DEMHandler to clear the DEM-directory and/or Geoid-file.
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related to 0001071closedgpasero OTB-lib Add otb::DEMHandler ::ClearDEMDirectory() and ::ClearGeoidFile() interface. 



salbert (developer)

Fixed in 'DEMHandler_clear' branch.

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