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0000047OTB-applicationsGeneralpublic2008-12-09 10:432009-01-14 16:41
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Summary0000047: FineRegistration resampled image before run is shifted
DescriptionBefore running the registration, the resampled image should be identical to the moving one. However, these to images are horizontally shifted, one with respect to the other.
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2008-12-18 09:41   
At first I did not notice but looking carefully there is a slight shift between the two images (not more than one or two pixels).
2008-12-18 10:35   
The bug seems to be located in the visualisation classes. When writing the color composition to the disk, there is no offset.
2008-12-18 11:45   
The offset came from additionnal channel extraction in the view to handle the color composition modes. There were not necessary, since we can use the channel indices instead. Removing the extractor fixed the problem.

More information on the fix:
2008-12-19 02:28   
Does that mean that there is a bug in the channel extractor?
2009-01-14 16:40   

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