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0000039OTB-libGeneralpublic2008-12-04 10:522011-08-17 17:04
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Summary0000039: Polygon rendering seldom crashes on windows (Visual 8, PC60517)
DescriptionChronological actions leading to segfault:
- Open an application rendering polygons (mine was otbSupervisedClassificationApplication)
- Open whatever image you want
- Stress-test polygon rendering by intensively clicking on the image.
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2008-12-04 11:02   
Could it be linked with otbGluPolygonDrawingHelper
thus with the version of opengl/fltk ?
C Valladeau   
2011-08-17 17:04   
I've tested with the SVM classifacvtion and Vectorization Monteverdi modules with a real intensive selection (Debug, current source, PO9450 ) : no problem.
Issue should have been solve time ago.

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