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0001483Orfeo Toolbox (OTB)Generalpublic2017-12-06 12:102018-01-05 19:03
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Summary0001483: Monteverdi shows a pop up terminal on windows
DescriptionOn Windows platforms, Monteverdi displays a terminal window before launching itself. This confuses users and provides no useful information (only cryptic i18n qt warnings)
Steps To Reproduceopen monteverdi on windows with binary package
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2018-01-05 19:03   
After investigation, there is a solution to make the command windows invisible, using another wrapping script in VisualBasic, but it will be even more confusing for the users.

However, it is possible to automatically minimize the command window, so that the user doesn't really see it. It stays minimized in the task bar, and dies when monteverdi exits. This is the fix implemented :

It may be possible to avoid this minimized window if monteverdi.exe wasn't writing anything to std::cout, but this is only speculation. I made tests with stream redirections but it wasn't enough. More work would be needed but I believe it can happen later.

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